mardi 22 avril 2008

Blogball record Mallory Destiny

Object-Name: Blogmic of Zolnir & Menges 2.2
Region: Ebeoplex (219648, 231936)
Local-Position: (50, 206, 104)

Hi, I am doing some zen-meditation at the Gutenberg hall in the Bibliotheque Francophone.
Right now i am facing the newest innovation of the biblio, invented by Hugobiwan and Coulaut. Masters in ideas and scripts.
They have made it possible to design a prim, which shows the weblog that is an hommage to the french poet Cesaire, who died recently.
Any avatar who comes now into this place, will be able to use chat to send a blog-message to the weblog/hommage of Cesaire, as he will be remembered.
So, all are very welcome to test and use this new pearl of creativity and inventivity that is created by my two french heroes: Hugobiwan Zolnir and Coulaut Menges... Bravo!!! from Mallory Destiny

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